Atherton Tableland Food Tours

On the Atherton Tableland, agriculture continues to be the region’s main industry but with a downturn in some prices many farmers and primary producers have turned to tourism and production to add value to their products. If you enjoy wine and spirits, it is worth visiting some of the great wineries, particularly the exotic Golden Drop Winery that produces wines and spirits from mangos.

For coffee lovers, there are a number of coffee plantations around the Mareeba area that offer fantastic products and tours of their facilities.

And further south on the Atherton Tableland is the award-winning Mungali Dairy where fabulous organic dairy products are produced.

Cairns city food tours

Even if you don’t travel any further than the city centre of Cairns,  visitors can indulge in award-wining tastes at the large number of quality restaurants sprinkled throughout the city.

Especially interesting is the Red Ochre Grill that features Australian native foods like crocodile, kangaroo, emu and bush flavours from traditional Aboriginal culture.

Don’t miss barramundi, one of the region’s best fish. You can even go on a Cairns fishing tour and catch your own.

Tropical fruits are abundant including mangos, papayas, lychees and Asian fruit like rambutans and mangosteens; they can all be found at Rusty’s Market in Grafton St, the city.

Cairns is also home to cuisines from around the world including Japanese, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Indian. Most Cairns restaurants open from 5.30pm and take last orders around 9pm.

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